New England Salt Co. - established 1842


Since the beginning of time, salt has been a staple of the world.  From E&F King’s early beginnings in 1834, in a six floor brick building on the corner of Milk and India Streets, in a six floor brick building on the Boston Harbor to today’s New England Salt Co., we have provided salt products to customers in New England.  Today, to meet the needs of a global economy, we are proudly aligned with the largest producers of salt in the world.

Salt has been used as a currency, as a strategic weapon, as a food preservative, and in modern times to deice and clear roadways of winter snow and ice.   Throughout these changes, the fundamental compound NaCl, sodium chloride, has remained as the most abundant commodity chemical in the world.   Since 1834, New England Salt has been providing reliable delivery and supply of salt to the region.  Today, dump trucks have replaced the horse and wagon, and high tech polyethylene has replaced the burlap bags of salt from centuries past.

Thank you for visiting us on our website and please call or email us so we can help you find the right salt product for your needs.   Whether you need a pallet, a truckload of bags, or to fill a 50,000 ton stockpile, we can help.

Halite, road salt, bulk deicing salt, salt with YPS, magic salt, treated salt, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, blended salt, 50 lb. bags, 25 pound bags, super sacks, FIBC, and bulk dump trailers are all in stock and ready to ship.